Top tips to improve productivity and empower your workforce

24 Nov
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

Within the workplace many managers and leaders will look to their employees to complete their tasks and objectives with confidence and using their initiative. However, in some cases, employees are reluctant to take ownership and instead ask lots of questions in the hope of delivering what is expected of them.

It’s thought that the approach managers adopt in terms of leadership style will ultimately reflect the amount of empowerment employees will feel they have, and strong leadership can enhance employee wellbeing and improve performance. Employees who feel empowered in the workplace are more likely to use their initiative or perform above a satisfactory level.

The approach that managers and leaders adopt in regards to a leadership style will ultimately reflect the amount of empowerment employees will feel they are entitled too. Employees who feel are empowered in the workplace, are more commonly expected to work harder.


Are your workforce empowered?

If you feel your workforce aren’t feeling as empowered as you’d like and could use some motivating, why not follow these top tips:


Be flexible:

It is becoming more and more common for businesses to adopt a flexible approach to working hours, allowing flexitime in the workplace will show employees that you are understanding of their other commitments for example; allowing a parent to work to a schedule around their children’s needs.


Share your vision:

Each business will set out a company mission and vision statement, this describes where the company is heading. By ensuring all employees understand company goals and objectives everyone can work together towards the same goal. Each employee should be instructed exactly what is expected of them, and how their roles and responsibilities within a company will have a great impact on an overall goal.


Enable personal development and growth:

Not only will offering career development opportunities help towards ensuring employees trust you have their best interests in mind, new knowledge and skills gained will be beneficial to your company as a whole.


Be clear of boundaries

Employees are aware when they are being monitored and evaluated and in some cases this added pressure can be detrimental to productivity. Give employees more responsibility trusting in turn they will complete tasks using their own initiative, and will involve you if and when they feel it’s necessary.


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