How to reduce the impact of Redundancy on your business

It’s inevitable that there will be redundancies as a result of the current crisis. Experts are warning that hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost. Most businesses will want to avoid redundancies and retain their best staff for when it’s business as usual again. Rehiring staff can be costly and inefficient (particularly if you Read more about How to reduce the impact of Redundancy on your business[…]

Landed Estates

Every Estate knows that change is required to continue and develop the rural business and ensure a long-term legacy of care for the land and the communities who live there. Brexit thrown into the mix, with the UK’s new Agriculture Bill means Landed Estates have until 2028 to make their businesses more resilient as direct Read more about Landed Estates[…]

Brexit – when the worst comes to the worst: Reducing employee costs

I am not going to “pussyfoot” around this topic – just give the advice I would give a client in real trouble.  This is not going to be soft and fluffy. As we head to 31st October there are going to be impacts to SME’s, which have been under-prepared.  This means usually means a huge Read more about Brexit – when the worst comes to the worst: Reducing employee costs[…]

This is REALLY important about Legal Privilege!

When could you have to disclose your emails from and to your employment solicitor in Court? This is an important piece of information for Business Owners, decision makers and HR Professionals This effects legal advice privilege In 2018 the Employment Appeal Tribunal held that emails from a solicitor containing advice to an employer on how Read more about This is REALLY important about Legal Privilege![…]

Time for a change?

It’s that time of year again when many people start to look at ways in which they can improve their lives. They may have had a really tough past 12 months and think that the New Year will be a fresh start for them. This could be simple changes such as exercising more and losing Read more about Time for a change?[…]

Managing Disciplinaries – Great Webinar on YouTube

This week – I presented a webinar on Managing Disciplinaries and uploaded to our up&up YouTube channel. It was my first webinar and apart from the coughing fit near the end it went well.  The feedback from attendees was that it was clear and informative. The webinar is  for non-HR and small business owners with few Read more about Managing Disciplinaries – Great Webinar on YouTube[…]

The golden handshake become less Gold and more Silver

The golden handshake is usually given under settlement agreements. From April 2017 the Government is making changes to settlement agreements that has an impact on the tax and NIC payable. Previously settlements could be given a boost if the employment contract didn’t have a “notice in lieu” clause.  The Government is doing away with this Read more about The golden handshake become less Gold and more Silver[…]

Myth Busting – Maternity and Redundancy

There are some myths around making employees on maternity leave redundant. This post aims to bring the truth to what employers can do and what they should do in these situations. Some employers believe that employees on maternity leave cannot be made redundant. This is a myth! Yes, pregnant and new mothers are a bit Read more about Myth Busting – Maternity and Redundancy[…]