Time for a change?

3 Jan
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

It’s that time of year again when many people start to look at ways in which they can improve their lives. They may have had a really tough past 12 months and think that the New Year will be a fresh start for them. This could be simple changes such as exercising more and losing a couple of pounds, something a bit more challenging such as finding a new job or travelling for a while, or could be more stressful like buying a new house or, tragically, deciding to get a divorce!

It’s not personal…

What if the changes that are required are not related to your personal life but the organisation at which you are in charge? What if you are the person who is head of a company that is in desperate need of a change in order to improve the performances of its’ employees?

You know the scenario – a Receptionist who is so underworked she sits there filing her nails… an Area Sales Manager who is underperforming and leaves it up to his team of reps to meet his own targets… an unmotivated production line with the staff just going through the motions.  Time for a restructure?

Where to start…

Look at your current organisational structure to identify where the dead wood lies. Start from the top and work your way down.

Do you really need a Financial Director, plus two further Accountants, a separate Sales and Purchasing Administrator and a Payroll Processor? Consider merging some roles and streamlining departments.

Could the bored Receptionist be used more effectively by assisting with finance or general admin duties for instance? Maybe a member of the production line could be given some stock control duties? This could improve the performance of the company by way of profit, but also giving the employees involved some extra responsibility and job satisfaction.

Ensure all job descriptions are in place and communicated to employees effectively, along with the changes taking place within the organisation. This will ensure everybody knows what each persons’ responsibilities are and who to contact if there is an issue or a task needs completing. Also, if you decide to promote anybody within the business, make sure they are up to the task by providing the relevant training required.

Should you decide there are redundancies to be made, remember, there is a correct procedure to follow.

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