Do you have a Mental Health First Aider?

Ellie Crowther our HR Advisor at Breathing Space HR became a Mental Health First Aider, completing the course with Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA). Ellie put her name forward to become a Mental Health First Aider as she wants to break the stigma that’s attached to mental health and to help our clients and Read more about Do you have a Mental Health First Aider?[…]

Managing a return to work following long-term absence

There are a number of reasons employees may be away from the workplace for long periods of time, such as:- Maternity leave Parental leave Long-term illness Here is some advice on how to manage an employee’s return to work following such periods of absence. Maternity Leave As an employer you should have written to an Read more about Managing a return to work following long-term absence[…]

Are you feeling any better today?

Many of us will have started the New Year with positive resolutions: lose weight; stop smoking; start exercising more and… find a new job! All too soon it gets round to THAT day again – Blue Monday. The most depressing day of the year, apparently – and, in case you missed it by any chance, Read more about Are you feeling any better today?[…]

Mental Health at Work

  Mental health issues cost UK employers £30 billion per year through recruitment, lost production and absence. A study by the charity Business in the Community highlights a change in attitudes to mental health in the workplace and shows that more and more employers are recognising they have a responsibility towards their employees’ mental wellbeing. Read more about Mental Health at Work[…]

How to be kind in HR

Being Kind in HR Management In HR we are not generally known for our kindness.  The work we carry out is usually along a negative theme: Creating Rules Regulating the rules Re-organising and sacking people Giving bad news Crisis management And the list can go on and on… None of the above exclude kindness.   Read more about How to be kind in HR[…]