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a post-it note with flexible working written on it

Flexible Working: Now a Day One Right for Employees in the UK

7 Feb
beach with word holiday written in the sand with blue sky and sunshine

Changes to Holiday Pay, Record Keeping, and TUPE Consultations Effective January 1, 2024!

21 Nov
Make a noise about bullying

Understanding Bullying and Microaggressions.

15 Nov

National Living Wage to Increase to £11 in April 2024

4 Oct
Department for Work and Pensions logo on sheet of paper

National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage from 1 April 2023

22 Nov
Table with explanation of pronouns

It’s Pride Month

23 Jun
Form being filled in

More Healthcare Professionals given Powers to Certify Fit Notes

21 Jun

How to support employees with Long Covid

29 Apr

Employment Law Updates

17 Feb
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