6 Principles to guide your decision-making process

Businesses are constantly making decisions. Faced with unique circumstances, they might have to make some tough ones. Decision making isn’t easy, and some people avoid making decisions at all costs. Avoidance is a decision in itself and there are times when the outcome from no decision can be worse. Here are six principles to guide Read more about 6 Principles to guide your decision-making process[…]

Here’s our 7 Top Tips for anyone starting a new role in lockdown.

Our fabulous new HR Business Partner Kate Kerr, started at Breathing Space HR just before lockdown occurred, so she briefly had the opportunity to get to know the office and her colleagues.  The client relationship building aspect of her role has as all be done via Zoom and phone and Kate has done a fantastic Read more about Here’s our 7 Top Tips for anyone starting a new role in lockdown.[…]

Top Tips for Managing a Remote Team.

As millions of workers have had to set up an office at home, some people will find it easier than others to find a workable routine.  Here are some practical tips from Anita Tweats at The Finance People for managing employees who are working from home: Trust Trusting your team is key to making home Read more about Top Tips for Managing a Remote Team.[…]

 Free Resources to Support your Employees

As we bed in for the long haul, everyone is learning to adapt to a new remote way of working.   This brings challenges for both employers and employees.  There are numerous free tools out there to support you and your teams to help stay engaged and connected. Great Places to Work have picked out some Read more about  Free Resources to Support your Employees[…]

Is it possible to be friends with your employees?

As a business owner, you have a duty of care towards your employees, but what happens when things go beyond that? Obviously, you care about all your staff, but the danger lies, possibly, when you start treating certain employees differently to others. Unless you are the Chief Executive of a large corporate organisation, chances are Read more about Is it possible to be friends with your employees?[…]

Breathing Space Values

At Breathing Space we have finalised our list of Corporate Values They are not actually that easy to define, however we did it!  We are still a Quaker Business and these expanded corporate are underpinned by the Quaker Testimonies. Of course, being an HR Company, we have applied these to our employee development meeting with Read more about Breathing Space Values[…]

The Working Environment – How it affects your employees’ mood

When it comes to the workplace, there are a number of things to consider in relation to ensuring your organisation is a great place to work – temperature, lighting, noise etc, but what makes a good working environment? Is there a way of getting employees to concentrate more and increase productivity without resorting to ping-pong Read more about The Working Environment – How it affects your employees’ mood[…]

donkey chasing a carrot

Isn’t paying them enough?

When it comes to motivating your workforce, it’s not all about the carrot and the stick mentality. In order for your employees to be engaged with your company, it has to be about more than the money. OK, so nobody goes to work for free. Firstly, there’s the NMW to think about; secondly, there are Read more about Isn’t paying them enough?[…]

Are you feeling any better today?

Many of us will have started the New Year with positive resolutions: lose weight; stop smoking; start exercising more and… find a new job! All too soon it gets round to THAT day again – Blue Monday. The most depressing day of the year, apparently – and, in case you missed it by any chance, Read more about Are you feeling any better today?[…]

Attend this webinar – How to manage disciplinary meetings

Do you have questions about managing a disciplinary process? Suzie Bogle, MD of Breathing Space HR and creator of up&up will be delivering a webinar on managing disciplinary meetings  and the disciplinary process.  Suzie will talk and take questions for an hour. On the 21st February at 10am. Register here   Do you have employees Read more about Attend this webinar – How to manage disciplinary meetings[…]