How to keep your workforce motivated during the ‘Winter blues’

30 Jan
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

With the fun festivities long behind us, and a cold Winter in full swing; thoughts turn to the regret of that Christmas spending splurge, the miserable weather and the holiday weight gain. Along with and return of ‘blue Monday’ (the most depressing Monday of the year), it’s hard not to get a little down, however, there are ways that employers can motivate their staff to feel better, and ultimately become more productive at work.

Flexible working hours

Many employers believe financial gain is a leading motivational factor among employees. However, it has been reported that 34% of employees would prefer a more flexible approach to working life as opposed to a 3% pay increase. This would suggest that in order to motivate employees employers should understand their motivational triggers, and work in conjunction with them.

Flexible working hours allow staff to stay in control of their own working day, enabling them to start early or finish early in order to skip rush hour, or hit that early morning gym class.

Introduce employee wellbeing

Employee wellness should already be included as part of every good HR strategy. Although, if this isn’t the case within your HR strategy, then there is no better time to implement one than Winter. As many have New Year’s resolutions to become healthier and happier in order to encourage and support staff, employers can offer free fruit in the office, or encourage health and well-being sessions.

Set goals

Setting realistic goals and targets will give employees something to work towards, by completing project based work will help keep staff from feeling bored from repetitive jobs and give them a real sense of belonging within a company.


Implementing appraisals is a great way of ensuring employees know that they are appreciated and valued and that not only does their hard work not go unnoticed, it is part of the strategic plan for business success.

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