It’s Pride Month

Do you know if your employee handbook is up to date with policies and procedures to cover diversity, inclusion, rights and protections for LGBT employees?  Let us know if you would like the Breathing Space HR team to carry out a free HR Audit – Call 0113 426 7735 or email

If you want to foster team bonding, then an LGBTQ+ Lunch and Learn is one of the best Pride month activities for work.

Your team can learn:

  • The correct use of pronouns
  • The importance of gender-neutral language at work
  • Unconscious biases to avoid
  • Inappropriate questions to the LGBTQ+ community

You can let LGBTQ+ workers share their experiences and talk about gay rights worldwide.

Useful Information

Here’s a guide to the correct use of pronouns








For further learning and support you can sign up to DevelopME our online learning and development platform for a free 2 week trial.

It includes a comprehensive range of courses to help you understand the benefits and implications of current legislation and how to promote, manage and embed equality and diversity in your organisation PLUS courses covering Unconscious Bias.