Develop me


15 Jun
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

Breathing Space HR are proud to launch our new Learning & Development platform that’s affordable for every business to support its employees career progression.   

 At just £79 per person for an annual subscription, your employees can access a fantastic range of career assessments, 1000s of continuously updated eLearning courses and videos, interactive career tools and industry insight.  Whatever your preferred learning style, the platform offers learning materials to suit all preferences. 

MD Suzie Bogle says… This tool really addresses the employment changes in the current climate.  If you’re looking to support & develop your teams working from home or if you are looking to run refresher courses or recruit new team members, this is the perfect resource for any industry to access.  Not only can we build and tailor programmes for your business needs, we can also add any specific industry training you may require. The quality and breadth of course content hits every level of the employee lifecycle, from skills assessments, health and safety/GDPR basics to IT/business skills and leadership. 

DevelopME is included in our integrated package and we can offer a discount to all of our other clients.

If you’d like to know more, please speak to your Breathing Space Business Partner OR you can access a free trial from the Breathing Space HR website.

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