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At Breathing Space we believe everyone deserves their chance to shine – and through DevelopME, our new online career development platform, we want to help you and your people do just that. DevelopMe is a dedicated, private, environment that allows your people to own their career development. Our platform includes 8000+ videos, eLearning assets, articles and interactive assessments and in-built analytics to measure the impact on each employee for ONLY £79 a year per user. Sign up for your FREE 2-week trial today.



Accessed via your intranet, LMS or manual login page, DevelopME is configured to meet your objectives and new content is added every week to keep your employees engaged.

Working with our HR professionals we can help you create different course content to be completed for specific groups of employees.

Digital Career CoachingA panel of professional career coaches, carefully selected for their expertise, deliver expert advice via 100s of short coaching films.
Career AssessmentsStrong self-awareness can be gained via a wide range of assessments – from temperament, personality and emotional intelligence, to management skills, strengths and assertiveness.
E-Learning Resources1000s of short, engaging e-learning assets structured across 6 categories: Career Development, Career Well-being, Transferable Skills, Managers & Leaders, Compliance and Career Transition.
Career ToolsInteractive career tools including career confidence diagnostic, personal development planner, elevator pitch builder, interview simulator and an automated CV review.
Career FrameworkShowcase your own career framework, journeys and staff success stories using the content management function, or use our expert team to help visualise this for you.
Impact MeasurementTrack employee confidence across core career competencies and see the impact on employee confidence at a macro and granular level. We provide you with instant access to real-time reporting, impact measurement, content management.

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Get access to over 8,000 learning and development support tools for ONLY £79 a year per user.
Discounts are available based on number of employees enrolled and length of contract.
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