Brand refresh.

8 Jun
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

Over the past 17 years, our business has undergone incredible growth and development. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is our branding and logo.

As we reflect on our progress and consider the changes COVID has brought to the workplace, we’ve decided it’s time to take a fresh approach. We’re excited to reposition ourselves and develop our services, staying true to our core values and taking on new opportunities to enhance our client offer in the years to come.

We’ve dropped “HR” from our logo and opted for simply Breathing Space.

That’s how our clients refer to us, it’s the very reason we’re here;

To help businesses breathe a little easier.

Whether you’re a small start-up or a larger organisation, our dedicated People Partners serve as an extension of our client’s teams.

We give leaders the space they need to focus on growing their businesses.

Being bold with our branding helped us create a family of sub-brands that align with our new products and services, such as DevelopME and How To HR.Our handwritten font, which features Suzie’s writing style, embodies the personal touch that we are known for, and our circle icon is a visual representation of the holistic support we provide our clients, giving leaders space to focus and thrive .

Our focus is on tailoring our services to meet your needs and priorities, improving your organisation’s employee experience, and expanding the support services we offer to suit you now and in the future.


We are looking at new ways to enhance our services to meet your growing needs.  

  • We have built a dedicated client only How to HR portal on our website (your people partner will be in touch with more details).
  • We are adding a free online HR Audit section on the website where you can upload documents for review and then book a slot with our people partners to review and feedback.
  • Book a call through our online calendar when it’s convenient for you, for free 30 minutes of advice from one of the team.
  • We will also being introducing regular online Lunch & Learn Coaching sessions for our subscription clients.


  • Salary Benchmarking (Cendex)
  • Recruitment Packages
  • DevelopME Training and Development portal
  • Additional support services and recommended servcie providers
  • COMING Soon!- MyHRIS (bespoke to your business needs)
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