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Have you built a strong strategy to support employee wellbeing?

18 Jan
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

70% of employees are struggling with burnout or wellbeing issues, so there are huge gains for organisations if they address these issues, and offer mental health and wellbeing support to their employees.

When people are struggling with anxiety and self-doubt, they do not perform at their best and they certainly do not unleash their full potential.

The estimated cost of depression and anxiety to the global economy is $1tn per year in lost productivity, meaning that a lack of mental health support in the workplace not only impacts workplace culture and productivity, but also has a specific, measured, economic impact.

Employers who implement mental health support will inevitably see a strong return on their investment in employee wellbeing. 

Leaders are not always aware of mental health problems or are not sure how to deal with them, and this starts to affect the all-important manager-employee relationship.

Businesses need to focus on supporting employee wellbeing, but also on offering dedicated training to managers and executives in understanding and accommodating mental health concerns.

A personalised approach

Employee programmes are often most effective when they can be tailored to the individual.

When implementing uniform programmes it is easy to demonstrate that the box has been ticked, but are they adding true value? Whilst an individualistic approach is not always feasible, it is worth considering the areas where it may be possible, e.g. wellbeing and development.

This is especially pertinent as we move through the pandemic and continue to maintain a hybrid approach to the workplace, where the traditional forms of learning and development are no longer appropriate for the contemporary work environment.

Employees will always have a range of needs depending on their job role and personal circumstances; what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

A tailored programme to meet individual needs is the gold standard and employers who do this will be the ones employees want to work for – a win/win outcome.

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