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Hi Ho Hi Ho…It’s back to work we go!

22 Jul
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP
As Boris has announced, it is now suggested that we can return to our workplaces from 1 August 2020.  Working for home is no longer the primary work location.
This will be a relief for many employers who have concerns over staff productivity while working from home, as just 11% of UK bosses said that they believe employees are being more productive working from home during this time.

But how do employees feel about returning to the workplace?

*Here are the top five employer concerns for reopening:
  1. Employees being able to safely commute – 21%
  2. Employees not wanting to back to the office – 20%
  3. Not trusting that employees will be practising proper hygiene – 18%
  4. Employees with childcare responsibilities unable to work normal office hours – 16%
  5. Lack of understanding of the Government guidance on re-opening offices – 11%
It’s vital for the UK economy that businesses are starting to reopen, however it’s clear there are concerns about safety and hygiene with over half of the British workforce not trusting that their colleagues are following the Government guidelines.
Sounding the death knell to the team tea round is one thing, but what else can employers introduce to alleviate anxious colleagues returning to work?
Employees shared what they would like to see – over half (59%) voted for hand sanitiser stations, 33% called for social distancing floor stickers and a further 33% said face masks were also crucial to reopening a workspace.
I’m sure bosses will agree that increasing these safety measures is a small price to pay to help reduce anxiety and ease workers back into the office.
* Research conducted by Solopress
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