Here’s our 7 Top Tips for anyone starting a new role in lockdown.

1 Jul
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP
Our fabulous new HR Business Partner Kate Kerr, started at Breathing Space HR just before lockdown occurred, so she briefly had the opportunity to get to know the office and her colleagues.  The client relationship building aspect of her role has as all be done via Zoom and phone and Kate has done a fantastic job fitting into the team and getting to know all her new clients.

Starting a new job in lockdown will inevitably be more daunting.  You don’t get to walk into your new office, be allocated your desk, fresh stationary, new tech etc.  You can’t spin around in your chair to suss out your new colleagues, trying to figure who’s who.  Instead, your first day is at home, via Zoom.

Here’s our 7 Top Tips for anyone starting a new role in lockdown.

1. Get your workspace set up

Request any equipment is sent to your house in advance so you can familiarise yourself with it, get any IT issues sorted and so you are ready to go on day one.
2. Getting to know your colleagues is crucial.

Send an introductory email to your new colleagues is a good start point.  Follow up with colleagues you may be working more closely with to organise a video chat so you can talk more about your previous experience and you can get to know more about them and their role in the company.

First (Zoom) impressions still count, so make sure you are in a quiet space, check your background scene – no dishes piled high or clothes strewn on an unmade bed!  Dress smartly to reflect the type of business you’re working for.

If there are any opportunities to get to know your colleagues in a more informal way, such as after work Zoom drinks or games nights, make sure you take up all invites, as this will help you break the ice.

3. Be prepared to not hit the ground running!

No doubt you will be keen to make a good impression and get cracking in your new role.  However, it’s important to recognise it’s not business as usual and colleagues may not be able to give you all the answers, direction and tasks immediately.  You may have to adjust to a slower pace as the business looks to get back on its feet or make adjustments within the company.

4. Offer fresh eyes, be proactive and resourceful

As a newcomer, don’t be afraid to speak up about your skill-set and experience as you may be able to offer a fresh perspective on issues within the business.   Getting up to speed on your projects and putting your hand up for tasks will help you get involved in the business and with your new colleagues.

5. Communication

Make sure you are familiar with all the key meeting times and schedules and stay on top of it, so you don’t miss any of them.

6.  Be time efficient

As a new employee, you will have plenty of queries.   Make a list so you can ask about all your queries in one email instead of five. Set up a weekly chat with your manager, dedicated to any and all queries that you have. Be patient as it might take a little time for colleagues to get back to you.

7. Give yourself a break

It’s normal to make mistakes when you start a new job. To add to that pressure, you’ll probably be asking more questions than usual because there are so many things you can’t see first-hand.  Nobody expects you all guns blazing and to solve every problem in sight given these exceptional circumstances.

Good Luck,  you’ve got this!
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