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Free Resources to Support your Employees

2 Apr
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

As we bed in for the long haul, everyone is learning to adapt to a new remote way of working.   This brings challenges for both employers and employees. 

There are numerous free tools out there to support you and your teams to help stay engaged and connected. Great Places to Work have picked out some of the best.

Hatch – for financial well-being

Financial uncertainty is a major driver of anxiety and stress. In their efforts to help, Hatch has offered educational materials free for any employer and member of the public to access and share with teammates. From budgeting and saving to retirement and pensions, the platform is updated regularly to keep up with the latest economic developments as a result of COVID-19.

LinkedIn Learning – 16 short courses specific to WFH 

Whether new to the full-time working from home routine, looking to enhance your performance on video conference calls or needing tips for managing virtual teams, LinkedIn’s free 16 professional development courses can help employees sustain their productivity and find a healthy balance between work and life while staying home: FREE courses by LinkedIn

Calm – for staying mentally strong

Help employees keep themselves and their families mentally strong during this prolonged remote working period with Calms free meditations and mindful resources for adults and kids.

Zoom – for easy video conferencing

An easy-to-use free video conferencing applicationZoom helps teams stay connected and includes useful features like ‘Gallery View’ which allows everyone in a meeting to be visible simultaneously. The ‘Touch up my appearance’ setting softens camera focus to minimise visibility of any skin issues and the recording function helps teams keep record of what was discussed in an interview or meeting for easy reference and sharing to those who couldn’t attend.

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