Employment Tribunal Decisions have been made public online

9 Feb
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

The UK Government has launched its online database of Employment Tribunal decisions.

This database open to the public free of charge and you can subscribe to review email updates of all new Employment Tribunal judgements. Particularly the reasons for a judgement – which can be quite amusing and enlightening!

You can search by Tribunal date, from England and Wales or from Scotland. Also by Jurisdiction code i.e. the type of claim.

You can find some “very interesting” information. You get an idea of what exactly does happen in Court (and in work).  If you search a case, you are looking for the Judge’s Reasons.

For example from one case about a text message exchange:

“Mr Hayward’s concerns were such that on 26 August 2015 he sent a text message to the Claimant stating “I’m hoping that you can pick the BDA pitch up and I’m not there which is bothering me as I don’t feel it’s fair on you or the company – you have to be honest – can you sell in England in English? Please keep in touch with me” (p132).
The Claimant replied “Yes it is a fucking BIG FAT HUNGLISH YES that I will sell on BDA in England in English.” (p133)”

This is a great resource for HR Consultants and HR professionals. It helps to understand the legal process and reasons for particular decisions.  For business owners and managers, it is useful as a research tool to understand what they might be facing in certain situations.

Also when a large and popular (“juicy”) case hits the headlines, we can read for ourselves rather than rely on the interpretation of the media and journalists who might not necessary tell all the pertinent facts.

It will be interesting if you are a recruitment candidate if you would like to check if your future employer has any judgements against them and for what.

For individuals thinking of going to employment Tribunal against an employer there are some lessons to be learnt in getting the court processes right:

“The Claimant shall pay the Respondent’s legal costs in the sum of £3,000 including VAT.”

Sainsbury’s will chase you for costs if you don’t show up to Court!

Good reading!

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