Breathing Space Values

18 Jan
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

At Breathing Space we have finalised our list of Corporate Values

They are not actually that easy to define, however we did it!  We are still a Quaker Business and these expanded corporate are underpinned by the Quaker Testimonies.

Of course, being an HR Company, we have applied these to our employee development meeting with our people and we will be applying these to the way in which we act and deliver HR services to our clients.


Value Questions to ask yourself….
Be Good Am knowledgeable about my job?

Do I act professionally?

Do I share my knowledge in an accessible way?

Do I take pride in what you/we do?

Am I ethical and respectful in my actions at work?

Be Honest  Am I truthful with clients and colleagues?

Do I seek resolution to problems?

Do I take time to reflect on decisions and opportunities?

Do I admit and learn from my mistakes and ensure they are not repeated?

Do I have integrity?

Be Flexible  I am flexible and adapt to change?

I listen to my clients and proactively find solutions to their needs?

Do I respect the need for flexibility in other colleagues?

Do I balance my work and my home life to my satisfaction

Be Courageous Do I take responsibility for developing improvements?

Do I assess risk and manage it carefully?

Do I take ownership to deliver what I promise?

Do I speak up when things aren’t right?

Do I seek to improve myself and others?

Do I stand up for what I consider to be right in the workplace?

Be Clear Am I transparent verbally and in writing?

Do I keep it simple?

Do I listen and try to understand others, so clarity is reached?

If I am not sure, do I ask questions?

Am I effective in managing my time, and am I organised?



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