Have your People Priorities and Challenges Changed?

4 May
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

The news headlines regularly highlight skills shortages and escalating pay inflation and the great resignation.  Many businesses have successfully introduced new flexible benefits like hybrid working, whilst others want teams back in the office.

Globally the top 7 People Priorities for 2022 are listed as follows.

  1. Developing detailed strategic reward and workforce supply plans
  2. Continuing to invest in the health and wellbeing of the workforce
  3. Focusing on skills and progression & providing genuine career and pay progression opportunities
  4. Continued focus on diversity, equality, inclusion and fairness
  5. Develop new forms of employee communications and engaging managers
  6. Reporting better data and evidence to justify and demonstrate progress
  7. Re-uniting and re-engaging our disrupted and often exhausted workforces

Do these issues resonate with you?

For many of our clients the HR challenges this year include:

How do I retain my best people and what is my employee experience really like?

We support, advise and help them by;

  • Identify your best people for key positions now and in the future
  • Know the market value of your people
  • Listen to your people and tailor career progression and reward packages

We have free resources to guide and support in the How To HR Toolkit, including:

  •  Talent Management strategy template and training guide to help you identify and plot your teams progression potential.
  •    Stay interview guide & questions, provides an informal way to help you get under the skin of your employee experience and also help you create bespoke reward packages & progression plans (In the development section)

Plus we have the Cendex – Salary benchmarking /Job evaluation portal which details actual role vs job title based on region etc so you can be sure you are paying market value.

It can be daunting to devise a tailored reward strategy and it’s vitally important to build a solid foundation of reasoning and fairness for progression, opportunities and reward, otherwise it can easily backfire and  result in losing good people.

If you need independent advice, the Breathing Space team are always happy to help.

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