Attend this webinar – How to manage disciplinary meetings

9 Feb
by Suzie Business Owner & Senior HRBP

Do you have questions about managing a disciplinary process?

Suzie Bogle, MD of Breathing Space HR and creator of up&up will be delivering a webinar on managing disciplinary meetings  and the disciplinary process.  Suzie will talk and take questions for an hour.

On the 21st February at 10am.

suzie bogle, MD Breathing Space HR

suzie bogle, MD Breathing Space HR

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Do you have employees causing you headaches and you need to know how to deal with them?


What will you discover?

What is a disciplinary and why is the process important?  In employment law the process can really trip you up – you might have a completely reasonable case for disciplining a employee but you have to follow the ACAS code and make sure all the communications are correct.

Tribunals can be lost on failing to give certain rights and making sure you write the correct letters.

You can  loose a Tribunal if you mismanage a disciplinary meeting early on in the process (e.g. at verbal warning stage) and it leads to a dismissal.


Practical advice and hot tips

Suzie is an HR Consultant by trade, and probably handled 100’s of disciplinary meetings. It will be a practical webinar full of insider tips from a highly experienced hand.

This is not an employment law update not a solicitor’s legal standpoint.  Advice from an HR expert who attends the meetings.

The webinar will be then published on the up&up YouTube channel so you can view at your convenience.


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