Managing Disciplinaries – Great Webinar on YouTube

This week – I presented a webinar on Managing Disciplinaries and uploaded to our up&up YouTube channel. It was my first webinar and apart from the coughing fit near the end it went well.  The feedback from attendees was that it was clear and informative. The webinar is  for non-HR and small business owners with few Read more about Managing Disciplinaries – Great Webinar on YouTube[…]

The golden handshake become less Gold and more Silver

The golden handshake is usually given under settlement agreements. From April 2017 the Government is making changes to settlement agreements that has an impact on the tax and NIC payable. Previously settlements could be given a boost if the employment contract didn’t have a “notice in lieu” clause.  The Government is doing away with this Read more about The golden handshake become less Gold and more Silver[…]

Myth Busting – Maternity and Redundancy

There are some myths around making employees on maternity leave redundant. This post aims to bring the truth to what employers can do and what they should do in these situations. Some employers believe that employees on maternity leave cannot be made redundant. This is a myth! Yes, pregnant and new mothers are a bit Read more about Myth Busting – Maternity and Redundancy[…]