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About Us

Breathing Space HR Ltd is an HR Consultancy based in Yorkshire, UK, and was founded by Suzie Bogle in 2006.

Our attitude
is based on honesty and building true relationships with the people we work with. This means that our client relationships are long term - 85% of our clients are returning year after year. Our longest serving clients have been with Breathing Space since its creation.
Our skill
is in identifying needs and following through with practical, simple solutions.
Our experience
is developed through learning and developing within our business, with constant exposure to new ideas, ways of working and sharing our learning with one another.

Our Values

Honesty with the people
we work with
in communication
Ethical in our treatment of our clients and their employees

Your Needs


To know that you have cover on the essentials of employment and HR is key for clients. Essentials makes sure we have a clear, bespoke contract of employment – delivered to the client specifications, a handbook covering all the essential policies a business needs and continuous phone and email support from a friendly, experienced and practical HR team.

You will have all the benefits of a complete package of employment documents from HR experts which will be designed to meet the needs of your business. Contract, employee handbook and all the HR policies. You will be able to call us and email us for practical and expert advice. You will have access to our document library of common employment letters and forms. The best element in this package is that an HR Consultant will be with you onsite should you need us in a meeting, taking notes, writing the letters and giving you the best advice possible.

Using secure IT systems, we completely “take over” your HR function – this means advising you, your managers and your employees, writing all your letters and contracts, keeping your employee and HR files securely with mutual access in a cloud-based “vault”. We will be onsite for all meetings with employees, helping you with notes and outcomes. We create links with your management team and support them, taking the burden away from one point of contact. You can phone us, email us, use the document library or meet with us. We also draft and send contracts, letters and forms directly to your employees on your behalf. We chase employees for those documents which your business needs to be legally compliant.

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The Team


Suzie is the Business Owner and MD. A career spanning over 20 years in HR and the last 10 focused on SME HR Consultancy. Fellow of the CIPD and Fellow of the CMI, Suzie has worked for some of the largest Global companies: General Electric, PwC, Atkins Global and William Hill. Always practical, humorous and a bit of a straight talker. Personally, Suzie is well known for her love of cats. Suzie is a Quaker and runs Breathing Space HR as a Quaker Business.


Jo is a powerhouse of administration, with high attention to detail and process, she manages the systems and document control processes for Breathing Space Clients. Jo is highly practical and enjoys getting things right and under control. She has many years’ experience in SME administration and runs her own business (a pub) outside of Breathing Space. Jo has started to specialise in HR advice as well as administration.


Chrissie’s style is friendly and approachable. Clients confide in Chrissie and know that they will get the best advice for their situation. Chrissie has worked in HR for over 20 years, in Banking and Charities. Chrissie engages with client managers directly and puts new systems in: appraisals, recruitment and absence control; which managers understand, use and appreciate. She is great at the detail and will always get to the heart of a problem… then solves it.


Recently joining us from General Electric, Orsi (“Orshi”) has hit the ground running in HR management and advice for SME businesses. Orsi uses her experience of HR services to ensure that all the detail is covered and that the results are achieved. She has carried out HR research projects and statistical analysis which have had a major impact on the decisions some of our clients are making with their business.

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