How to reduce the impact of Redundancy on your business

It’s inevitable that there will be redundancies as a result of the current crisis. Experts are warning that hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost. Most businesses will want to avoid redundancies and retain their best staff for when it’s business as usual again. Rehiring staff can be costly and inefficient (particularly if you Read more about How to reduce the impact of Redundancy on your business[…]

flexible working

Flexible Furlough Scheme

On Friday (29 May 2020), chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the long-awaited detail on his plans to wind down the furlough scheme by October. This included detail on the creation of new flexibilities allowing employees to work part time while still being eligible for furlough grants, and the introduction of employer contributions.  Below are details of Read more about Flexible Furlough Scheme[…]