Did you know the right tunes can help maximise your productivity?

One of the benefits of working from home is creating your own playlist rather than listening to the office radio or a colleague’s music taste (No offence team 😉) I normally wait for my team to leave for the day before I crank up the speakers and head banging to AC/DC Thunderstruck or a bit of happy Read more about Did you know the right tunes can help maximise your productivity?[…]

Top Tips for Managing a Remote Team.

As millions of workers have had to set up an office at home, some people will find it easier than others to find a workable routine.  Here are some practical tips from Anita Tweats at The Finance People for managing employees who are working from home: Trust Trusting your team is key to making home Read more about Top Tips for Managing a Remote Team.[…]

 Free Resources to Support your Employees

As we bed in for the long haul, everyone is learning to adapt to a new remote way of working.   This brings challenges for both employers and employees.  There are numerous free tools out there to support you and your teams to help stay engaged and connected. Great Places to Work have picked out some Read more about  Free Resources to Support your Employees[…]