What to do BEFORE you engage your staff

Over the past 20 or so years of my career in HR and HR consultancy, I have seen many changes to the focus of HR. However, I believe HR management strive to be forward thinking, focused on ‘Culture’ and ‘Employee Engagement’ we have forgotten the fundamentals… …OK, probably not forgotten but, shall we say, become Read more about What to do BEFORE you engage your staff[…]

How to be kind in HR

Being Kind in HR Management In HR we are not generally known for our kindness.  The work we carry out is usually along a negative theme: Creating Rules Regulating the rules Re-organising and sacking people Giving bad news Crisis management And the list can go on and on… None of the above exclude kindness.   Read more about How to be kind in HR[…]

CIPD Survey on Brexit

Here are enlightening facts from a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. The key findings reflect the concerns of our clients and employees.  As HR Consultants, who work very closely with our clients people, we have had to counsel employers who have large numbers of European workers and experienced the tears of Read more about CIPD Survey on Brexit[…]