June 19, 2018

HR that raises the bar

HR that raises the bar.

up&up provides a 5 step HR programme which takes your company from pre-compliance all the way to unrivalled.

up&up is a strategic programme for HR in SMEs. We combine our five key programme steps with a quality cycle, ensuring continuous improvement for your people and a measurable scale for your business.

So how could up&up help you? Put simply, we ensure a positive, consistent approach to HR management. Gradually, in stages, we improve the competence, performance, metrics and engagement of your people, reinforced by regular auditing.

Are you ready to be challenged by an expert HR company?

It might get provocative, it might get intense, but at the end you’ll wonder what you did before up&up.

Over five clear steps, we’ll help you to develop a productive and engaged team by supplying you and your management team with vital skills, techniques and policies.

Imagine a HR programme that can do this:

  • Saving of over £10,000 in recruitment fees through negotiation.
  • Immediate reduction in absence, within a week of new measures being introduced.
  • Appraisal processes that managers and employees actually value, and take part in willingly.

What our clients say

Watch this video to see how we’ve helped other Leeds based businesses develop their HR procedures, assisting them to grow and become profitable and productive.

See how we’ve helped businesses like Anetic Aid, Melrose Textile and Nexus improve their HR functions to support their company growth strategies.

The 5 Steps

We’ll assess your business and decide at which step of the process you should join. Each step takes between 6 and 12 months, and includes full support from our HR consultants who will engage with your managers and help you work towards your goals.

If your organisation is not legally compliant and you don’t have any HR processes in place, don’t worry – we’ll help you start from the beginning. With our guidance, your company will be on the right side of the law and ready to move forwards.

With the basics in place like a handbook of policies, we’ll bring you up to speed with how to measure and control employees, e.g. absence and performance. With major policies communicated and key metrics, your business is ready to begin working more productively.

We’ll help you achieve a more in-depth knowledge of your people, enabling you to set clear goals. Performance management helps to increase productivity and job satisfaction, reducing your recruitment spend and increasing gross profit per employee.

With targets and measures in place, your people are motivated and more invested in your business. You’re planning ahead and conducting regular employee surveys for feedback and development planning, making you eligible for awards and other employer benefits.

With a committed and engaged workforce, we’ll help you become eligible for top awards, e.g. Times 100 Best Employers. You’re proactively encouraging innovation from your people, as a strong, collaborative and responsive organisation.

The up&up Quality Cycle

We use a continual audit process to ensure the activities you’ve already set are working as well as they should be. This innovative cycle provides the firm foundations you need to keep your business on-track. If things aren’t working as they should be, we go back and fix them before moving up.

Time to up your game.

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