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Voluntary Overtime included in Holiday Pay

8 Sep

BBC releases gender pay gap report

8 Sep
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How to protect your company against employees stealing information

8 Aug
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Supreme Court rules Employment Tribunal fees unlawful

25 Jul
Childcare choices

Tax-free Childcare scheme? Guidance for Employees and Employers.

10 May

Dress code and expression of religious beliefs in the workplace

7 Apr

How to dismiss employees on long-term sick leave

7 Apr

Anti-Money Laundering – how prepared is your business?

7 Apr

What's the difference – Employed or self-employed?

24 Feb

Using HR Consultants and Disclosure – What some employment solicitors are saying

23 Feb

How to be kind in HR

23 Jul
Bar of Dairy Milk chocolate

It’s not all about Chocolate – being a Modern Quaker Business

20 Jan
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