Managing Disciplinaries – Great Webinar on YouTube

This week – I presented a webinar on Managing Disciplinaries and uploaded to our up&up YouTube channel.

It was my first webinar and apart from the coughing fit near the end it went well.  The feedback from attendees was that it was clear and informative.

The webinar is  for non-HR and small business owners with few employees. Managers who have never had to take a disciplinary meeting before, it gives the structure, the legal process and some tips on dealing with situations.

If you prefer you can view the video below:

Encourage your team to view the webinar

The webinar is all they need to know about Misconduct and Gross Misconduct, how to do all the paperwork involved, managing the legal process and how to make a decision which is fair and reasonable.

All the information follows the ACAS Code of Practice and helps managers to locate all the internal handbooks and policies regarding managing performance and conduct at work.

Over the next few months you will see a range of webinars being held on common topics in HR, particularly for the small business owner and for managers who are new to position or just need a top up of information.

The next webinar is on the 21 March 2017 at 10am UK time.  It’s title Managing the internal terrorist.

It will be interesting for experienced managers as well as newer ones – even HR people.  The internal terrorist is that employee who you know is causing difficulties in terms of behaviour but always rides just under the radar, knows all the rules and does just enough to get by.

They can also be disruptive to colleagues in very subtle ways.  The internal terrorist always has the answer for their behaviour and are hugely frustrating to deal with!

I will share some techniques and examples of how these employees can be turned around or exited from the business.