Lastest on Employment Tribunal Claims 2016

The 2015/2016 Employment Tribunal Claim results are in!

Overall the number of Tribunals has decreased again, since the introduction of fees.  This is good news for employers as the fees were brought in to reduce malicious and vexatious claims.

The highest number of ET claims were for Working Time Directive (36 814) and unauthorised deduction from wages (36 364).  This could be explained by recent litigation on holiday pay.

After those high numbers, the claims for Equal Pay (17 057) and unfair dismissal (13,300) are next.  However looking at the success of claims in Unfair dismissal, only 603 awards, which represents 4.5% of the total claims and the median award is £7 332. (average £13 851).

So what does this tell Employers?

  • The fees are working in our favour
  • A very low percentage of claims succeed
  • The awards aren’t as scary as some make out them to be
  • Get your employee contracts in place and make sure you honour them– over 1000 claims for lack of a written statement and 9 279 claims for breach of contract.

You still don’t want to have an ET1 form land on your desk for preventable disputes however, what these figures don’t express is the management time and energy put into defending claims OR those claims which because of poor management are settled before even becoming a claim in Court.

What will prevent employee claims?

Proper management and clear boundaries for each employee, clearly communicated and understood by everyone in the organisation.