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The Kickstart Scheme has a £2 billion fund to create thousands of high quality six month job placements for unemployed young people aged between 16 and 24.  The Chancellor announced the Kickstart Scheme as part of the Plan for Jobs. Funding available for each job placement covers the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours per week, plus the associated employer National Insurance contributions and employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions. There is also funding available to support young people to develop new skills and help them move into sustained employment after they have completed their Kickstart funded placement.


The Kickstart Scheme job placement must:

  • be for a duration of 6 months
  • be at least 25 hours per week
  • pay at least the National Minimum Wage through PAYE
  • pay the statutory employer duties for the health, safety and welfare for young people, National Insurance and pension contributions
  • include support for young people to help them get work after their Kickstart Scheme job
  • be a new job that does not replace existing or planned vacancies
  • not cause existing employees, apprentices or contractors to lose or reduce their employment

What should a Kickstart job achieve?

The Kickstart Scheme job should help the participant acquire basic work skills including:

Kickstart participants may also need help with:

What will you receive?

What is the role of Breathing Space HR in the scheme?

Breathing Space HR is a Government registered Kickstart Gateway. Our Kickstart Mentoring training and support programme (details below) has been developed to ensure your company satisfies all compliance criteria for the scheme.

It is incumbent on the Gateway provider (Breathing Space HR) to monitor and ensure the required training and support is delivered. If the training and support offered by the company does not meet the requirements set out, Gateway providers are instructed to inform the DWP and where necessary recover the training grant from the employer (this can be from DWP payments due to the employer).

As a Government registered Kickstart Gateway, Breathing Space HR will:

Breathing Space Training and Development Support Package
As an established HR company, the Breathing Space team have developed an enhanced Training and Development Support Package for businesses taking part in the Kickstart apprenticeship scheme.

The Breathing Space HR Kickstart support package includes a ‘Kickstart Mentor’ to deliver monthly face to face mentoring and online DevelopME training assignments and covers the training and development requirements for each job placement.

In addition, Breathing Space will also offer:

This package will deliver peace of mind for many businesses to ensure they are providing the required training and development support for the Kickstart apprentices as well as supporting managers with any difficulties or issues occurring during the six-month period.

Two key development areas required under the Kickstart Scheme are:

“Getting on at Work”

“Job Search Skills”

Breathing Space “Kickstart Mentor”
The role of the Kickstart Mentor is to ensure that the employee is getting the support required and carrying out the kickstart development activities to a good standard. They are there to support the manager with any difficulties or issues occurring during the six-month period. The Kickstart Mentor will also review online training sessions, ensuring that there is understanding of learning points and actions relating to the development areas are completed.

What is covered in the training and devlopment plan?
Below is a month-by-month summary of activities supported by the Breathing Space Mentor.

1 Set up personal development plan with Manager and Kickstart Mentor 121 with Kickstart Mentor & Core Skills DevelopME online training.
Learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding the importance of communication
  2. Learning how to improve time-keeping
  3. Exploring different ways to make decisions
  4. Exploring how to display key skills
  5. Understanding the importance of brand reputation

2. 121 with Kickstart Mentor & Teamwork & Collaboration DevelopME online training.
Learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding how teams work
  2. Demonstrating the most useful skills
  3. Appreciating how you fit in a team
  4. Knowing how teams succeed
  5. Appreciating the tools, techniques & environments that improve collaboration

3 121 with Kickstart Mentor & Decision-making Skills DevelopME online training.
Learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding the decision-making process
  2. Being able to pinpoint what needs to be decided
  3. Learning how to set criteria
  4. Generating and evaluating decision options
  5. Determining if a decision is ‘right’

4 121 with Kickstart Mentor & CVs DevelopME online training.
Learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding what needs to be consider before you start writing your CV
  2. Being able to pinpoint the key critera for a good CV
  3. Learning how to structure your CV
  4. Determining the correct structure for your CV
  5. Learning how to make your CV stand out

5  121 with Kickstart Mentor & Interviewing DevelopME online training.
Learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding the basic interview principles
  2. Being able to pinpoint what sort of interview you need to prepare for
  3. Learning how to answer awkward and illegal questions
  4. Exploring how to display key skills

6 121 with Kickstart Mentor & Hunting for Jobs DevelopME online training.
Learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding the best place to start
  2. Being able to make the most of your search
  3. Advice on the most effective techniques and strategies
  4. Tips on networking and building your personal brand

What is the cost of the Breathing Space HR training support package?

Cost per Kickstart Employee is £750 plus VAT (covered by the Kickstart Scheme + an additional £750 available to your business for internal training support).

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