A new way of pricing HR Services and HR Consultancy

Game changer for pricing SME HR – A new pricing quote builder for HR Services and HR Consultancy

Breathing Space HR Ltd, responsible for the delivery of up&up HR strategy programme has introduced the first quote builder in HR Consultancy in their new website:


The quote builder gives businesses true transparency on pricing for external or outsourced HR services. It is a game changer in the HR consultancy market. It can be ‘smoke and mirrors’ on pricing. HR companies are not giving prices or putting “prices start at” on websites.

There is huge variability in what can be charged for what appears to be the same service. Prices can vary up to 300%.

HR companies may be making profits of 100% upwards on clients, locking clients into 5 year contracts. Or hold the Company Directors personally liable for the fees should their companies close during the contract term.

Breathing Space HR has been delivering SME HR for 10 years, they have compiled the data from our experience/cost analysis then formulated a fair and transparent pricing model for our clients.

Even if you are with another supplier, the quote builder help you to see if you are getting good value.

How it works:

Business owners can use a tick list to pick what items of service they think they need then the calculator will show what package is most aligned to their needs.


If the package is what the buyer is looking for, they can add the number of employees in the business – it will produce a monthly price based on a 12 month contract for HR services.


Click here visit Breathing Space HR now for your quote.